Old weight class British and Irish rankings

With the new IWF weight classes coming into effect from the 2018 World Championships our rankings have changed to show these, however we thought it wrong to completely wipe the old rankings. So instead we have decided to immortalise them on the site. If you were ranked in the old Weight classes AFTER the British […]

The Sinclair Debate Episode 40: New UK sport funding and using a different barbell in training

In this 40th episode of the podcast we break some potential good news that UK sport seem to have awarded British Weightlifting £192k for elite sport (unconfirmed officially) and we discuss using the benefits of using the opposite sexes bar for training.

The Sinclair Debate Episode 39: Book reviews and Paris 2024

In this 39th episode of the podcast we review ‘Weightlifting for Beginners’ and ‘The Greatest Weightlifters of all time’ which were sent to us. We also discuss Weightlifting being given provisional confirmation of being at the 2024 Olympics because of progress in anti doping by the IWF. (not our opinion but the IOC’s)

The Sinclair Debate Episode 38: Happy Birthday Caroline Charles! And chit chat

This episode was just a general chit chat episode where we answered questions sent in including charging for spectators at local comps, the possibility of a UK news round up every week and the need for those who want to compete internationally to register their interest ASAP. P.s Happy Birthday to the legend that is […]

The Sinclair Debate Episode 37: Fluff in programs, coaching ratios and BUCS recognition

In this 37th episode we discuss how to work your weaknesses in your programme, coach to lifter ratios in the gym and how the sport in the UK needs to be recognised by BUCS in order to make significant progress.

The Sinclair Debate Episode 36: European Juniors & U23’s, World seniors and starting out in WL

In this 36th episode we give a round up of the European Juniors and U23’s (sorry this is belated) a roundup of the IWF World seniors and discuss the type of training you should do when you start off in the sport.

The Sinclair Debate Episode 35: IWF World’s, no ADAMS for AUS and getting CrossFit involved

In this Episode we discuss the IWF world’s so far, including why some nations appear to be much weaker this year… We also discuss the 70 athletes that were banned from entering because they had not completed their ADAMS whereabouts and finally answer a question related to CrossFit and how to get more CF’ers involved […]

The Sinclair Debate Episode 34: British Weightlifting AGM

In this 34th episode of the show we give a run down of the BWL AGM which happened at the weekend. We give you the headlines and the things you need to know about how the organisation is being run.

The Sinclair Debate Episode 33: Feedback in comps, lifetime bans for doping and the AGM

In episode 33 we answer the questions left over from the last episode, including feedback to lifters in competition, why the new masters totals are different between BWL/British Masters and finally we discuss the upcoming AGM with an invite to join us this Sunday 28th in Leeds.

The Sinclair Debate Episode 32: We answer Q’s on Technique at comps, going heavy and coaching ethics

In this episode we answer questions sent in by listeners such as How good should you technique be before you compete? How long can you have between reps before it is a series of singles? What are your thoughts on ethics of coaching in competition and when to use the rues against your opponents.